Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Update to the Sewing Room Redesign

(Oops! This was supposed to be posted back in... oh, October??)

I'm going to add shelves over the window & door, for displaying pretties that don't need to be taking up my storage space, and hopefully my husband can help me come up with a way to support a closet rod for my roll of batting as part of the over-the-window unit. I've already got a piece for a shelf over my desk, complete with holes for cords- it's the back piece for the current desk I'm using. It's ~5' x 1', so with proper mounting will be perfect for an electronics shelf!

I've decided that I will go to Ikea for their Expedit bookshelves for the base for the worktable unit. a 2x2 unit and 2 4x2 units on their sides will be perfect, and provide more storage, then I can move the shelves currently under my work table and desk to under my frame. They can't be used to support the frame, they're a) too low and b) not sturdy enough, but they will fit under there nicely. Then later I can purchase the counter units to put the frame tracks on, instead of the legs that are easy to bump.

Now to find someone to come install flooring for cheap (hey, I already have 80% of the tiles, I just need to get something to contrast/coordinate and plan a layout), and then I can do this room up right! Wish me luck! :)