Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Broken Photos

Yes, I know, I broke my blog. :( I tried to move my blog from my personal account to the one specific to Cattails Quilts, and when moving my photos, it broke the links. Oopsie... I will go back & fix them, once I can figure out which photos went where. I'm sorry folks! But check out the galleries at Picassa, because the photos are all there.

I'm still working on projects, my current one is a Block of the Month from a LiveJournal community I manage, Block of the Month (yes, very original, I know. hehehe) Mine is the music notes & a rainbow of other fabrics. I'm working on the borders now, and once this puppy is finished, Rainbow Rhapsody will be available in my Artfire shop. For now, though, here's a teaser:

Enjoy! :)