Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's been a hard week...

I've been awful quiet for a few weeks, due to business, and family needs. My grandmother, the recipient of my first quilt, passed away last Monday the 19th. She was 80 years old, and passed away on her mother's birthday. My daughter's 9th birthday was Tuesday.

I'm glad I flew out to PA to say goodbye, but it was hard to see her in hospice. Maybe she knew we were there, I don't know. But she's at peace now, with grandpa & the various dogs & cats she had over the years.

I love you grandma. I'll keep the quilt and pillow in my steamer trunk from grandpa.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Quilts #2 and #3

I've been a little remiss in posting, but I was working furiously on getting these two baby quilts finished in time for the respective showers. Both moms were thrilled, and I'm glad they're done!

Land of Lincoln

I used the block 'Cross in a Cross' and did an on-point setting. I'm very happy with how this one turned out. The back (silly me forgot to photograph) is all auto shop tools, as dad is a welder & gearhead.

I did a simple quilting following the inside of the squares on the quilt, using varigated thread.

Lily Pads

This darling is the Monkey Wrench block done in batiks, and tied to finish. I generally don't tie baby quilts, but this one just wasn't lending itself to being quilted in any way that made me happy, the night before the shower.

So there you go. A two-fer this morning! Hope you enjoyed!