Thursday, June 21, 2012

And away we sew!

Progress is slow going on the quilt I have loaded in the new frame. Unfortunately, I am having tension issues with my machine, and they have me beating my head against the wall! I have to get it sorted out quickly, though, as I just took in a quilting order that needs to be done by mid July. Time is more than enough, assuming I can get the machine cooperating again!! Very glad I started with a quilt that is staying in our house, instead of jumping right in to something for sale.

Scrappy Quilting IRR 2010-2011, 'Bug's Star' is hopefully going to be finished soon. :)

Since the futzing with the machine will require attention that I can't give it while Tank is awake, I'm starting on some simple market totes to add to my shop inventory. They're going to be slightly larger than my usual ones, in hopes that some Pennsic shoppers will avail themselves of the bags for sale. :)

That's my quick update for today, back to the machine I go!