Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh Dear...

Seems my blog got neglected. Again.  I moved it all from my personal account to my Cattails account, broke all my photo links, and then Google added G+, which has me even more confused (why can't I find the 'link to share photos on other sites anymore??)

Things have been moving merrily along in the Cat's world. In the fall I picked up two new bookkeeping clients, one weekly and one sporadic, then another sporadic over the winter. Bought a new truck for hauling inventory to shows in December, and just recently bought a new quilt frame!

This is the new beast, and yes, he does not reside in the studio! One of the biggest pluses is that I now have the available length to do the random king-size quilt.

This also means that my other frame is for sale. I'd prefer to not ship, as it is multiple boxes and quite weighty, but if you know someone interested, please contact me!!

In May I ran a quilt show & competition at Costume Con 30 in Tempe, AZ. I had 25 entries, and some STUNNING ones at that. I'm still waiting on photos, as I never got to take any pictures :(

Along with the quilt show, I had the children in two competitions. One a take on the popular Project Runway, where we had to design fashion based on some popular characters, both real and fictional. My inspiration was Queen Amidala, and of course Bug insisted on modeling. Check out the attitude on this one! I'm doomed, folks, absolutely doomed!

In this challenge we designers were presented with a selection of characters from which to design an outfit. We were then taken to SAS Fabrics, a local mill-end type fabric store (If you ever have the opportunity to visit Phoenix, I'll take you there!!) and were given 45 minutes to shop on a budget. We were then taken to a workshop space and given the next 12 hours to work, plus 8 the following day. That night was the runway show, and although I was back-stage, I've been assured that Bug absolutely worked the audience. I didn't win anything, but that's ok, I made an entire outfit without a commercial pattern, something I wasn't sure I could do.

Saturday both children were in the Fantasy & Science Fiction competition in an entry titled 'Alice and the ... Jackalope?' Unfortunately, Tank didn't want to wear his antlers and ears, so part of the humor was lost to those sitting past the first few rows, but it was still great fun. I have ideas for future con entries, too, but some require that Bug doesn't get any taller!! (Wishful thinking, I know...)

I've added a few new items to my Artfire shop, and a few more are in the works to get up there. I just need to convince Tank that yes, in fact, mommy *does* need to spend most of every day in the studio. He doesn't agree...

We'll be at Pennsic Wars in August with Designs by J again, so if you attend, come find us at the usual location! I hope the Marauders camp is ready for Tank!

That's the update from the desert for now. Thanks for sticking around!