Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sewing & coding, coding & sewing

For those of you who have built a website from the code up, you know how tedious it is. If you haven't done this, I don't recommend it!! I built my mother a website close to 10 years ago, if not a bit longer. I started with a blank notepad file & built it from scratch. I've decided that I need to have my own site, too.

Thanks to Liz from, I have a base to start from this time, but it still takes a long time to sort through photos, edit them, crop them, resize them, write the code, test the links, go to PayPal, create my buttons (hope that all the settings are good), etc etc. I'm not sure how long this is going to take me!

Add to that, I still have holiday sewing I need to do! I still have myriad gifts left to make for the family, and an order that I need to get out in about a week  & a half, which I'm waiting on a piece of fabric to arrive, before I get started on that one. UFOs UFOs UFOs....

Plus, I tested for a potential contract bookkeeping job yesterday, in hopes of picking up some side work to help make ends meet.

A is now 6-1/2 months old, and defiantly refusing to crawl. He'll sit on  his tush, lean AAAAAALL the way over & STRETCH for that toy, but he won't crawl for it. He'll grab the blanket or play mat & pull on it in order to move that toy to him (how's that for creative reasoning??), but he won't crawl. He rolls over and over, occasionally using that as a travel method, but he refuses to get those little knees under him. He is able to hold himself upright if I stand him at the coffee table. Something tells me that this guy is planning to take off running, and skip crawling entirely!

I suppose I should go find some more coffee & try to get some 'real' work done today. Wish me luck!