Thursday, November 4, 2010

International Round Robins

I'm a member of the quilting board Scrappy Quilters, and they're running a quilt swap called an International Round Robin, or IRR for short. In this swap, participants are broken into groups (in our case, groups of 6). Each participant makes a center block for a quilt, plus a label for the quilt, and sends it on its merry way to the next participant. The next player then adds a small border to this block, signs the label, & sends it to player #3, who adds their own border & signature, mails it off, well, you get the picture. After your little block has made its way through all the members, you get it back as a grown-up completed top!

I was added to this swap at the last minute, so faced with no clue of what to do, I pulled out a block that Sam had designed using EQ7.

I've made a couple of modifications to her layout, picked my colors, and off I went.

It's quite a lot of pieces, but paper piecing, as difficult as it can be, results in beautiful, and I mean STUNNING corner perfection, which is an absolute necessity in a block like this.

I can't wait to see what the other players add for borders, although I must admit, I'm more than a teeny bit nervous about the quilts I get to work on. I've seen the centers, they are incredible. I feel outclassed! But it's all for fun, and it will be a great experience. 

Back to piecing, I have to send this little center off to Montana, ASAP!