Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still alive & kicking!

And screaming, and rolling, and fussing, and spitting up... Oh, sorry, got carried away talking about the boy! So our little man is now 4 months old! The week before Labor Day he figured out how to roll over onto his tummy, but then he gets mad that he's stuck on his belly and cries for me to roll him back over! He's mostly sleeping through the night now, too, which makes for a much happier mommy. However he also is demanding to be held more and played with and entertained, which means an unproductive mommy...

Over the Labor Day weekend, we took the kids to Maryland so that my grandparents could meet A. My parents flew down from Massachusetts, and my aunt & her family drove in from West Virginia as well, so a great time was had by all. S is right in the middle of my aunt's kids, H & A, so we had a 4 month old, and 9, 10, & 11 year old kids, and very happy grand & great-grand parents.

I've gotten a little work done over the last month, too. Finished up the 3rd commission, A's baby quilt, and an older project that's been waiting to be quilted, plus started another top. Hopefully A will start being willing to play with his toys for entertainment, and I can get cracking on more of my WIPs (Work In Process), UFOs (UnFinished Object), and ideas crowding my studio & headspace!

New WIP: Pixelated, bargello wall hanging. I just need to quilt & bind this puppy. She's basted & ready to go, I just need to trace out my quilting pattern.

Cuban Flag: This lap/throw quilt was another order. Just waiting for pickup!

Aaron's Jungle: this is my little man's quilt, that was the subject of this post. My first foray into working with a pantograph on my quilting machine, instead of just free motion meanders & stippling. I'm very happy with it, and since it's a twin size quilt, he'll out grow the baby jungle animals long before he outgrows the quilt!

Country Fences: twin size quilt that's been patiently waiting his turn to be finished. This one is for sale in my Etsy shop!

Thanks for sticking around, I am still alive & kickin!