Sunday, February 28, 2010

My poor blog...

It has been so neglected recently! Between exhaustion from the pregnancy and working full time at the firm (I'm an accountant, it's tax season, you do the math), my mom visiting for almost 3 weeks (not exactly tiring, as she did a lot to help around the house, but didn't get to visit near as much as I wanted to, thanks to the previously mentioned exhaustion), trying to keep the house clean for myriad visits (Super Bowl- now we know Who Dat!, baby shower, UFC fight nights), trying to spend more time with my daughter & husband, I just haven't had time to sew or to keep up on posting here!

Well, yesterday I was determined to accomplish something. I currently have 2 commissions, fortunately neither one has a hard deadline. One is in progress, the other I picked up the fabric for yesterday. One of the local machine/fabric shops has a special shopping day once a month, so I always try to get over there to see what the deals are that day. I managed to pick up everything I need (I hope) for the second commission, a twin-size Sunlight & Shadows quilt, so will start that as soon as I finish the crib-size Woven Ribbons variation quilt I'm currently working on.

Country Fences (in progress)

I also have a twin-size Rail Fence ready to be quilted, along with 2 baby quilts (one for the shop, one as a gift) and Hawaiian Punch, a block of the month mystery quilt, that's been hanging out since April, waiting to be quilted. Then there's the 2nd quilt for the Boys & Girls Club spring auction that needs to be finished by the end of March, and another block of the month mystery quilt (that isn't such a mystery anymore) that has been languishing even longer than Hawaiian Punch.

Hawaiian Punch (in progress)

No UFO's here, I don't know what you're talking about! :-) It does bode well for my shop, however, once I can get items completed & listed.

This morning, I decided to break down & set up the quilting frame, because I'll never get all these quilts finished without it. I've been holding off, hoping to get the flooring in my workroom, but it's looking like it won't get done until the summer (when I can figure out how to install porcelain tile- Whee!). So I went ahead & set it up in the baby's room. It's the only other room that has the space for it, and where I can close the door to keep fur to a minimum. Baby can share his room for a little bit.

These next three months are going to both drag and go by so fast. So much preparation left to do for baby's arrival!