Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quilt Testimonial: Royal Retreat

Here is the first commissioned quilt I completed. Unfortunately, the photo does not do it justice, but the combination of the burgundys and golds is stunning, and the floral on black print just tied it all together. The ladies whom this quilt was for were quite happy with the results!

From Cattails Quilts
"The quilt Elaine made for us was exactly what we were
looking for. She took our very vague directions and
turned them into a beautiful addition to our home.
Every step of the way she wanted to be sure we were
pleased with her direction, gave us the option to
change our minds infinite times and was always very
forthcoming about her progress. We felt very much
involved in the creation of our quilt and as a result
are extremely pleased with the final work. Elaine's
intuitive sense of color and matching patterns is very
much evident in her work. When she showed us the
first sample square, we were so pleased at both her
instincts about what we wanted and her creative
impulses on the color matching and such. She is a
very skilled seamstress and a lovely artist to work

Jodi Clark & Jenny Karstad, Marlboro, VT