Monday, August 10, 2009

Sorry I've been so quiet...

But packing is a bitch! Ok, so I've been mostly offline for the last month because the hubby & I were finally able to buy a house. So it's been a month full of packing, more packing, stress, more stress, and a few injuries to boot. I sprained my ankle by rolling it on the stairs in the new house, about 78 hours after we closed on it, about 60 hours before the movers were to arrive. And we weren't done packing yet. Fun, huh?

All of my myriad sewing supplies are in those boxes you see up there. All sitting in the hallway, outside my glorious new workroom, waiting for the new flooring to be installed. Some of it will be moved upstairs to the baby's room (s/he won't need it for at least 9 months yet!), so that I can work until I do have my workspace set up, but it is very frustrating having it all so close, yet not really usable yet.

So hopefully tonight we can move a few things upstairs so I can work, and get a few more boxes unpacked.