Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2009

So there is this lovely little online quilt festival that is being hosted by Amy at Park City Girl, and I love showing off this quilt, so what better chance than this?

Presenting: Under Cover of Night

This quilt was created as part of a Block of the Month challenge, and I added my own blocks to it to make a nearly queen-size quilt, the largest I've made to date. The smaller blocks above and below the center star contain blocks that represent the life path I traveled to meet my husband.

The background fabric of each block is a nighttime star field, hence the name. Plus, we're both space nuts, so the theme seemed appropriate.

Each main block was quilted with an astrological symbol. This was also a learning quilt for me- I had just purchased my long-arm quilting machine & frame, and through trial and error learned what I can and cannot do with it.

Even the label has meaning: This quilt was a gift to my husband, started when we had just started dating. The dwarf and elf in the label represent our characters from World of Warcraft, which is how we met (so corny, I know).

I hope you enjoyed this (not-so) little post!