Sunday, January 10, 2010

Community Service Quilts

Last spring my daughter's elementary school held a community service night with various projects being worked on, including Packages From Home for the soldiers fighting overseas, and a quilt project to be donated to nursing homes in the area.

Since Bug & I couldn't attend the project night, I volunteered to assemble the quilts. Of course, what I didn't plan on was moving, getting hurt, having 3 baby quilts to finish in a month & a half after moving, and then getting pregnant myself!

Yesterday I finally finished up the third of the quilts- I had only been asked to make make one, but was given batting for two, and there were plenty of squares left to make a slightly smaller third quilt. They go back to the school tomorrow (I had hoped for last Monday, the first day after winter break, but couldn't pull it off)

I think she'll be pleased, as will the final recipients.